Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some funny shots

So here it is, more than a week later and Mr. White bunny is still at my place. I took him to the vet on Thursday and it was determined that he is a healthy adult bunny. He is going to get neutered on July 10. Poor bunny!

Another another note. I was eating lunch today and started to wonder where the cat was. Whenever it is quiet for more than 5 minutes, it usually means that she is getting into trouble. I got up to look for her, and saw her on the bunny carpet tower sitting and watching the bunny cages. I thought it would be a nice picture but of course the Lumix camera was at Donna's house; leaving me to resort to the BEAUTIFUL camera that is integrated on my phone. I pulled out the phone and tried to get her attention so she could look at the camera while I took her picture. Well this is what resulted from it:

Well, basically I caught the kitty when she was in the middle of a yawn. I don't think I could catch an image like this even if I tried to again. This is what the picture was SUPPOSED to look like:

The truth is, I actually like the first picture that I took more.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What to do?

Anyone heard of deja vu? It seems to be happening to me more and more these days. Why do you ask? Well in October 2006 I was going for lunch with Donna and her mother at a place called Jade Dynasty located at Leslie and Finch. When we got out of the car, Donna spotted (no pun intended!) a bunny sitting in the parking lot. As we were proud owners of 2 bunnies, we got excited and wanted to get a closer look at him. When we approached the bunny, we realized that it was not a wild bunny; and it was likely that the poor thing was abandoned. In a nutshell, we spent 2 days in the parking lot and finally caught him and brought him home. The bunny is at my house as happy as can be that he didn't end up being some other animal's lunch.

Now let's fast forward to October 2007, when I was with Donna one day heading to her house at night. When we pulled into her driveway we saw a box sitting on her front lawn with a bag sitting next to it. Wondering what it was , we cautiously opened to door of the car only to hear a cat screaming at the top of its lungs inside of the box. We picked up the box and brought it into the garage and opened it up. Inside was a kitten, no older than three months old who was very hungry and stressed. We kept the kitten in the bathroom that night and then brought it home to my place where she remains to this very day.

So now here it is, in June of 2008. I was just leaving the Driftwood community centre after an evening of playing badminton. We were all going to go to Congee Wong to grab some dinner and everyone had left just before me as I was trying to gather my wallet and phone from my badminton bag. As I was pulling out of my parking spot, I so 2 red eyes glowing from the lights of my car. I immidiately got out of the car to take a closer look, and sure enough it was ANOTHER bunny! A little white thing took one look at me and ran up to me like he wanted me to save him. Another abandoned animal it seems, so I picked the little guy up and put him in the back seat of my car and took him home. The poor little guy seemed like he hadn't eaten or drank anything for quite a while, as he sucked back the food and water that I gave to him like a vacuum and stated begging for more. I gave the little guy some hay as well and he nibbled on that for a while. Afterwards I picked him up and examined him for any signs of illness or injury. He had some dirty stuff stuck on some parts of his fur, but luckily he had no obvious signs of sickness. I took a look as his hind legs and saw that there was some fur missing along with irritated-looking bare skin. I had some topical medication that I had left over from a previous bunny "issue" and applied it to the bare skin. The bunny did not like this, as he struggled to break free as it was apparent that this was hurting him. I put him back into his cage and went to bed that night. The next morning I went to check up on him to apply more medicine and to feed him. Luckily the second time didn't seem to bother his leg. Hopefully the little guy is starting to feel better. His "plumbing" is starting to look more "bunny like" which is also a relief. I won't get into any detail though, as you probably don't want to hear about it.

So of course, this leads me to the question, "what the heck am I going to do now?" It seems that I am starting my own army of stray pets; hopefully one day I can build one big enough to destroy the horrible people who abandon these poor creatures in the first place!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Actually, no I never died. Just didn't post for the last..... 8 or 9 months or so. But I have returned with a vengeance. Don't ask what I mean by that because I could not tell you.

In a nutshell in the past long while I took Geography in school. Things seemed to work out well this year. On top of that I was the president of the York University Badminton Club. But that wasn't too bad, because I had the best VP EVER! ;)

On top of all that, I also somehow ended off getting an A in the advanced modern standard Chinese course at York. Don't ask how I pulled that off, because I can't speak mandarin still :S

Well now that summer has started, I am back at the farm service working as a grease monkey setting up the new machines in order to pay the bills. It is better than working parts or service but is still not my job of choice. Maybe next year. I know that I always say that but I am going to have to go through it some point or another in my life.

That is all for now. Perhaps I will type something more substantial in the near future. Toodles.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Well, as you all probably know right now, I have returned from my trip to the UK. I had not realized it basically until I was there, that I would be spending 5 nights in England. I had originally thought it was 3 nights in London and the rest was spent in Scotland.

Anyway, So I began the trip in Edinburgh. A beautiful city it was. The buildings and the layout of the city was ancient; there would be no way anybody could drive those North American SUV's through that city. The roads are way too narrow, and also have many twists and turns that could make almost anybody lost. The hotel we stayed in there was way too overpriced though, as was just about any other hotel on the trip. The bed and breakfasts we stayed at were pretty nice though. This is my favourite pic that I took in Edinburgh.

This is a pic inside of the Edinburgh Castle looking down onto the city.

Our second stop in Scotland was in a small town called Pitlochery. It was a pretty nice town, not much to do there, it was basically just somewhere to stay in between places that we really wanted to see. The next morning we went straight to a small town called Keith. There are two reasons why we went to this town. #1 my brother's name is Keith and #2 the distillery for my mothers favourite Scotch Whisky is in that town. So in that town we went to the distillery to learn all about how Whisky gets made. Exciting eh? LOL!

Theres my brother by the Sign for the Town Keith. As you can see, the town is more friendly than he is LOL.

After Keith we passed through a small town called Elgin for a quick break and then ended the day off in a town called Inverness. This place is supposidly the capital of the Scotland Highlands. The population is about 20 000 people or so. Still a nice little place as well, with its own castle, of course. The next day was for another important stop throughout our journey. My dad's favourite distillery which is located on the Isle of Skye. Basically a place in the middle of nowhere where whisky gets made. To get there, as was the case in much of the isolated areas in Scotland were single track roads. What this basically means is that the road (the only road) has only a single lane, for traffic travelling both ways. The only way to get around oncoming traffic is to drive into these little shoulders on the side of the road called "turnouts" which are about long enough to fit one car comfortably in there. These roads are quite dangerous, considering they are only one lane, and they do twists and turns around mountains so that you cannot see what is coming at you. There is also the problem of livestock in the middle of the roads as well, we had to stop once because there were cows all over the road, and another time because there were sheep all over the road.

We spent that night in a town called Mallaig. A place with a Beach in Scotland! At this place we just had to check the beach out. I never thought I would see a beach in Scotland. And on top of the fact that there was a beach, there were also SHEEP on the Beach!

The next day we headed over to another small town (thats basically all there is in Scotland LOL) called Craignure which is on the Island of mull. Not much here, just a quiet night. We had to wake up early for a big day the next day. We had to drive for an hour on a one track road to catch a ferry at 8:45 to an island/town where my family originally comes from. The place is called Iona, where my great great grandfather came from. Its a really small island, with a population of about 150 people or so, but it does have a farely long history. Since it is a small vaunerable island, it was attacked many times over the years but just about anybody. One of the largest structures on this island was a large abbey that has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over hundreds and hundreds of years.

These are basically all the houses in the town. This is a pic that was taken from the ferry on the way over to Iona.

This on the right is the abbey in Iona this pic is basically right beside the other pic above. The abbey was a little bit away from the rest of the town.

That same day, we had to take the ferry back, drive for another hour back to the town where we spent the last night and take another ferry across the waters to a slightly larger town called Oban. From Oban we had to make a 3 hour drive into Glasgow where we spent the next night. I was really not impressed with Glasgow, it did not really have anything good going for it. The city was dirty compared to other citys in the UK; it also lacks the crazy old buildings that you see in the other cities as well, because in the 1800's the whole city was torn down and rebuilt to make it more "modern". I just think it looks ugly. On top of that we staying in the Quality Inn. This was by far the worst hotel in the UK. The price was around 100 pounds a room, and the bathrooms were tiny and badly needed to be redone, the beds were so old, you would sink into the middle of them as bedsprings stabbed your back from all directions etc etc. We got out of Glasgow the next morning with a very negative impression of the city, and headed to our last stop in Scotland. To a town called Jedburgh where we stayed at the Spread Eagle hotel. Interesting name, LOL.

In Jedburgh and the immediate area, there were 4 old abbey ruins which were absoluty huge. This place is near the Scotland/England border so the abbeys have been destroyed because of Battles that took place in this area. We ended up seeing 2 of the 4 abbeys. Another thing to point out about Jedburgh, was the butcher store that sold "world class Haggis!" I had haggis for dinner in this town, as well as breakfast the next morning, and it was by far the best haggis I have ever had!

So the next day was over to England. We drove to a city called York. This is a very famouse tourist place because of its long history. It is known as a Viking town. Also one of the big tourist places in the city was the fact that the downtown core was completely surrounded by a castle-like wall. Inside the wall there was also the York Minster. This was the biggest church I have ever seen. They began building this church in the 1100's and apparently took over 250 years to complete! It was originally a Roman Catholic church but has since become part of the Church of England. The towers in this building were 275 steps up in a tight spiral staircase which was so narrow, you could not even put half of your foot on the steps!

After York, we were off to our final destination of the trip: London. It was a good 4 hour drive from York. We spent our last 3 nights in London, and believe me, that was more than enough. Sure the city is pretty nice; it does have its touristy things that everybody knows about such as Big Ben, the houses or Parlament, The Westminster Abbey, Harrod's, etc etc. I did not like London too much, it was an interesting city because it incorperated all the new buildings with the old, but it was way too much money for anything there. The London towers (which is a fortress, not a tower) where all the royal jewels are and all that stuff, costs 14.50 pounds each person to get in! A lot of the stuff we did not go to see in London because it was way too expensive. I had a very restless 3 nights there and was just itching to get home by that point.

Here is the last picture I will post up. Its just a pic that I took from a tour bus (as you can see someones arm on the right hand side) of Big Ben and the houses of Parlament right by the Temps river. If you can see closely, you can also see the top of the Westminster Abbey behind the houses of Parlament.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Scotland bound

So I'm going to Scotland in a few days. I am leaving on the 18th and not returning until the 31st. To be honest, I do not really care about going to badly, but I guess it does give me some time to spend with my family; something that I have not really done for a long time. Ever since University started for my brother, we have not really been a whole family again. I really do not know if I can last for 13 days with my brother however. I think I might need a gun..........

So yea, after getting caught up on somebody else's blog, (you know who you are HEHE) I realized that I should probably get onto updating mine a little bit. Right now I am on lunch break, ate some Flinsen for lunch and now I am having some tasty watermelon for dessert. I really should be back at work now, because I have been on lunch break for about 50 minutes now, and it is supposed to be only 30 minutes, but I have gotten lazy in these last few days at work because I am almost done here. Well, actually, to be honest, I have been lazy here all summer. Nice, I just drooled watermelon juice all over this computer desk at my parents house. So yea, there are a few pros to working for your parents; they usually do not have the heart to fire their own son, mind you I have gotten some pretty sarcastic comments from them from time to time which I did not really appreciate too much. But C'est La Vie! Oh that's right, I used French! I am awesome. Well not really, but once in a while I do like to pretend.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Reverting to the old Childhood days

So as of late things have been really interesting to me. I seemed to have been reverting to a lot of things that I used to do when I was a whole lot younger. I went to Oma's place this last thursady to help out do some yard work, such as cut her grass and fix her grape vines etc. Once I finished this I went inside and she made me some flinsen. I remember back when I was taking Montesory school in the morning and then Kindergarden in the afternoon. Between classes I would always get picked up and brought back home for lunch. This was back in the house on Simon Henry when my Oma used to live with us. I remember for almost EVERY single lunch Oma would feed me flinsen before I was taken over to Kindergarden. Even though I think I ate it every single day, it was something that I never got sick of. Eating the flinsen at Oma's on Thursday just really reminded me of those days that are now only memories. Its just something about the Oma's touch that makes them taste so satisfying and good. I know I have made them from time to time, but it just isn't the same when I make these things myself.

It was also quite interesting at the Cottage yesterday. Usually at least once or twice a day we would always do water sports behind the boat. When I was younger it always consisted of water skiing. Ever since we got ourselves a wakeboard, I seemed to have put the skis away for good. For some unknown reason yesterday, I felt like pulling out the old skis for old times sake. My brother thought I was retarded for doing so, he was like "What? No wakeboard?". I hoped onto those skis, a little rusty from not going for at least 4 or 5 years and had a blast. I only fell once which wasn't too bad; it felt kinda weird however standing on skis after being on a wakeboard for so many years. Once my ride was finished, my legs were burning! I must not have used some of the muscles for years! After that, my brother wanted to Ski again, so off he goes on the big slalom ski that we had and then after that my Dad wanted to toot around on the skis for a bit. That evening after dinner, I was so tired that I had to lie down for a bit. I survived however and also made it home in once piece. It was a true blast from the past! I kinda miss those days sometimes...............

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Another rockout in Thorold

So I had realize that since I have returned from China, I had yet to see Dan again. It was probably a good month before leaving on my trip that I had also not seen him, and I have been back from China for well over a month as well. So this weekend I decided that was enough. I called up Dan and tried to get something setup. I figured that I should call him up because everytime he tries to call me up to do something, Im always busy, aiya. So Alex, Sean, Keith, Sarah, Elly, Eric and I decided to all get together again and Rock the Thorold. This time was not quite so successful, as Dan's new apartment is really hot on the inside because it is on the top floor and there is no AC at all. And I thought my house was bad. There could have been a little more rocking, but we did other things to pass the night; climbing on the roof, breaking into Dan's Attic. The attic was interesting but it did not have nearly as much cool stuff as the attic in his other house that he stayed in where we found the muffler system up there lol!

So anyway during the past little while I have been trying to get a few more hours into work so that I do not run out of money. I made a rough estimate at how much money I would have for spending during the school year and I was shocked. Basically all I have been doing at work was trying to setup those stupid 47 tractors that the Toronto District School Board had purchased. There is also a total of 18 of them that I have to help the trucker deliver. So far we have delivered 8 to the south west end of Toronto. This coming week, there is another 9 that need to be delivered around the northeast part of North York. I believe I will start that on Monday.

Canada Day weekend I spend a few nice days with Donna. We spent some time at Wasaga Beach where the weather sucked that one day, and then spent the rest of the weekend at the Cottage. That was the first time this year that I was able to make it up to the cottage. It was pretty nice watching the crazy meteors in the night sky, and also biking to who knows where and having my bike chain break on me when we were as far from the cottage as humanly possible. That kinda sucked. I got myself a new chain from the Cyclepath in Woodbridge only to discover that the Chain that they had sold to me was too long. So far I have not had a chance to attempt to return it.

Last weekend I was once again down in Waterloo for the summer SOTF. I played doubles with Brian and we won The C draw for the second time. Also got to play mixed with Donna and we somehow got into the A flight which was not too cool. The second team we played was clearly better than us (well the guy on the team anyway) but we somehow defeated them really easily. (Mind you the guy did not look like he was trying). So onto the next round we go, with my right arm and both of my legs feeling like mush for the entire day. That game I could not hit the birdie to save my life and it was a very quick game. Oh well, it was all in good fun anyway. After SOTF we had our ritual; going to go Hotpot :D

I have also recently got myself many more fishies! I attempted to breed my bettas to no avail. So last weekend I popped into the Superpet to pick up some more female bettas as well as a larger tank in hopes to breed them. Female bettas were on sale so I picked up another 4. I got the tank setup shortly after arriving. As the week slowly passed, I made 1 trip to Pj's pet center and 3 trips to Big Al's. Now at the end of the week I have 5 female bettas, 3 male guppys, 3 female guppys, 1 neon tetra and 2 male bettas. I don't think I have enough time to breed my bettas before Scotland so that will have to wait until I return.

Ok time for me to go now, I have to get some dim sum which I have not had for a very long time.